Become a Covenant Partner

Few decisions are as vital to one’s spiritual growth and ministry as which church you join. Church membership matters.


There are three stages to pursuing partnership with Anchor Church:

1) Introduce

To begin the process of pursuing church membership submit a completed Partnership Introduction Form. You may print one off from the website (under the Become a Covenant Member Tab), grab them from on Sunday from our Welcome Table or request an email copy with a response card.


2) Acquaint

This stage involves getting to know one another better than what pen and paper are capable of providing.

One part of this stage is participating in Foundations of Anchor, our membership seminar. This is our way of introducing you to the beliefs, leadership structure, and ministries of Anchor Church. You may check our calendar to see when the next seminar will be.

The other part of this stage is an in-home Share & Care talk with a couple of our elders who want to learn how God has worked in your life, and how to care well for you.


3) Covenant

Upon recommendation to the congregation from the elders, candidates for partnership are invited to publicly affirm the church’s Statement of Beliefs and Partnership Covenant. The congregation then collectively affirms the Lord’s will for adding new members to the flock.